Moving is no easy feat for adults with the responsibilities of packing and making countless additional arrangements. But moving can be especially hard on kids, who rely on stability throughout childhood and can experience anxiety from the loss of a sense of belonging and all the new places and people. Both older and younger children will struggle with finding new identities, new friends, and new ways to fit in. While no two kids are the same, there are some basic ways to help your kids to adjust to a move, regardless of their age.

1. Give your child as much notice as possible that you are moving. This will give him plenty of time to adjust to the idea rather than being shocked and unable to process the information later.

2. Encourage communication. Ask your child how she feels about the move often, and be open with your own feelings to demonstrate that some nervousness is normal. Acknowledge her sadness or disappointment and be sympathetic while reassuring her that you will make...

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