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    4 Upgrades to Make Before Selling

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    Selling a home is a major step – you can profit from selling your property or end up losing money if your home is not listed for the right price. While a real estate agent is able to help you know exactly what your house’s listing price should be, there are some things you can do to increase your property value before listing time. Making upgrades is one of the easiest ways to make your home more valuable and increase your chances of seeing a quick sale.


    Floors are one of the most common upgrades for people who are selling their home, and rightfully so. One of the first things that many people look at when they are looking at a home is the flooring. Bad flooring that is stained, ripped, or outdated will turn many buyers off and could be the difference between a higher offer and no offer at all. You can update your floors by putting hardwood in, installing new carpet, or retiling the bathrooms of the home. These upgrades may be somewhat costly, but they can make your home much more valuable.


    Appliances are another important factor in a home sale. Potential buyers will often look at the kitchen and laundry room to get an idea of what it would be like to live in the home. You can give buyers a better idea of what the home will look like by upgrading the appliances. If you want to make your money back, you can include the price of the brand new appliances in the asking price of your home. Homes that have new appliances included with them tend to sell for more money.

    Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom is one room that buyers will be looking at regardless of their family size. If the master bedroom has become more of a haven for your clutter than a place to relax every night, it is important to upgrade it. Consider neutral paints, an updated bedroom suite, and a storage space for the personal items in the bedroom. If there is a master bathroom attached to the bedroom, consider upgrading it to include a whirlpool tub or a luxury shower. These upgrades can be costly, but buyers are always interested in a luxury aspect within the home.


    A finished basement can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. If you have a significant amount of space in the basement, it is almost always worth it to finish it. An extra bedroom, a recreation room, and a bathroom can all be added to the basement to increase the value. The high costs of finishing a basement are worth the effort, because buyers will love the extra space that is provided by a livable basement and may be more apt to pay well above the original asking price of the home.