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    How to Find a Trusted Home Inspector?

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    One of the final stages in searching for an Orange County home is finding a property inspector that will establish whether or not your upcoming big purchase is a good idea. However, choosing the wrong inspector can leave you facing thousands of dollars in unplanned repairs following the completed sale or dealing with a bad foundation, mold issue, or pest problem. With such an important role in the real estate process, how do you go about finding a home inspector that can be trusted completely?

    In addition to offering the top real estate agents in Orange County, we want to offer tips for our clients to make it easier when it comes to choosing a reliable and thorough home inspector among thousands of local options.

    Begin by looking for an inspector that possesses a state license or certification. In order to obtain these designations, the inspector will have had to undergo initial training and testing. If you find an inspector that is affiliated with a professional organization, such as the National Institute of Building Inspectors or the American Society of Home Inspectors, you might find a professional that is completing continuing education as well. Look into the professional organization your chosen inspector associates with in order to find out what is required for current and up-to-date membership.

    Ask friends and family members for a handful of recommendations. Once you have a name in mind, check online and with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. Seeing a sample of the inspector’s previous findings is also a helpful option, and will enable you to see just how detailed he makes his findings. You’ll want your inspector to provide you with a detailed narrative rather than just a basic list.

    Make sure you establish everything that the inspection covers. For example, your home inspection should include a look at the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems, as well as insects, wall stability, chimney, attic, insulation, ventilation, and drainage, among others. If your schedule allows, ask to be present for the inspection. If an inspector will not allow you to come along, it’s a red flag.

    Once you find a trusted home inspector, you can move forward and be one step closer to the property of your dreams in Newport Beach, Pelican Hills, Crystal Cove, Irvine, Laguna Beach, or other Orange County real estate areas.