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    How to Pack Efficiently for a Move

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    Moving is an exciting process, but it can also be stressful for everyone involved. Every step of the process, from choosing a new place, to packing up your old home and settling in the new one can add a lot of anxiety to your life. While completely eliminating that stress is impossible, you can take steps to reduce it. One of the ways to effectively reduce your stress is to learn to pack efficiently. This not only ensures that boxing up your old home goes smoothly, but that it also allows for easier unpacking later.

    Here are some of our favorite tips for efficient packing:

    • Get boxes that are the right size – This alone makes a world of difference when you are moving. If your boxes are too big, you won’t be able to lift them. If they are too small, you will have too many boxes stacked around. It’s okay to spend a little extra when you are buying moving supplies and get a variety of sizes. You can even talk to a professional moving company to find out the most common sizes, and then get extras of those sizes to be sure you have enough. While packing, make sure that you fit as much as possible into the box to optimize your space. Stop packing often to check the box and make sure you can still lift it with dropping it.
    • Label your things – Skipping the labeling process is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while packing and moving. You should be taking an inventory of all of your items as you place them into the box. After the box is packed and sealed up, tape the inventory list to the outside of the box. This saves you from frantically looking for specific items when you get to your new home.
    • Use your space wisely – Utilizing your space doesn’t just apply to the inside of your boxes. It also applies to how you pack your truck or moving van, if you are not working with a moving company. Avoid leaving any empty spaces by fitting boxes and furniture into the area wisely and creatively. You want to cut down on the trips required, so that it won’t be so much fuel and energy to make your move.

    Making sure that you pack efficiently for your move is one of the easiest ways to make your move go smoothly. While this won’t remove all of your stress, you will be thankful you stayed organized and efficient.