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    Newport Coast Realtors

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    Amongst the most active and dynamic Newport coast realtors working in the market today is the team that makes up Sam Realty. With decades of collective experience, a Sam Realty residential real estate agent can help find just the perfect home for you and your family today. Whether you need a small coastal vacation home for fun days in the sun or would like to make an investment for the far off future, Sam Realty is there to facilitate the entire process.

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    Newport Coast Realtors - Newport Coast Realtors

    Great Newport Coast realtors are few and far between. The team at Sam Realty has worked in this unique luxury market for more than two decades. They’ve brokered both purchases and sales for millions of dollars worth of prime property to clients. What kind of home are you looking for? Sprawling estate, penthouse suite or Spanish-style mansion? While inventory is much smaller than in recent years and as it is transforming to a seller’s market, the Sam Realty team can help make it happen.

    As seasoned Newport Coast realtors, the Sam Realty team is helping to make things just right for clients as the market transforms and stabilizes. While we enter the seller’s market, it is best to have a helping hand make the sale that you need to help transform your future. Sam Realty is sensitive to the many needs of home sellers and understands that lives can change for the best when families buy a new home and move to a new region.

    Why Newport Coast?

    Newport Coast Realtors 2 - Newport Coast RealtorsAs Newport Coast realtors, the staff at Sam Realty knows that there is plenty to do in the area. It’s one of the reasons that many people flock to southern California for a place to call home. The beaches of Newport Coast offer swimming, surfing, fishing, and more on the calm waters of the Pacific. There are also several opportunities for boat trips, deep sea fishing, and other water adventures. Even if you are not particularly interested in water related activities, you will always find a fun activity to participate in while you are living in Newport Coast. Non-water activities include access to hiking trails, bicycling, and horseback riding, as well as outdoor courses offered for activities normally enjoyed indoors, such as yoga and tai chi. With its long list of outdoor amenities and southern California’s luxury charm, Newport Coast offers the best for singles, couples, and families.

    The area’s offerings expand beyond the Newport Coast, and our Newport Coast realtors can help you discover all of what’s nearby. If the beautiful scenery isn’t enough, you will find excellent shopping choices in the area, along with theaters, museums, and an exciting nightlife scene. You can regularly visit the Newport Sports Museum, the Orange County Museum of Art, and the Sherman Library and Gardens for just a taste of what the Newport Coast has to offer.

    Families will appreciate that there are several top schools in the area, including private schools, primary schools, public high schools, and southern California universities. If you consider yourself to be a foodie, you’ll enjoy discovering the various types of cuisine in the Newport Coast area, including classic, gourmet, and ethnic dishes.

    What types of homes can I find in Newport Coast?

    Homes in Newport Coast are truly luxurious, with most being listed at well over one million dollars. With close proximity to a wide variety of private and public schools, as well as five different private yacht clubs, residents of Newport Coast are happy to pay for the convenience, amenities, and luxury properties that come along with living in the area. The census data for 2010 lists the city population at over 85,000, indicating that, while still exclusive, it is a popular area for residents looking for luxury property. Whether you are looking for a modern luxury home or a high rise condominium with views of the ocean, your Newport Coast realtors will be able to help you find the perfect place.