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    Pelican Crest Homes for Sale

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    There are a small number of Pelican Crest homes for sale in the exclusive Newport Coast area of Orange County. Only a hundred or so custom designed and built large-scale luxury homes constitute this special enclave, offering staggering 180-degree views and a place in the sun like no other in the immediate region. To buy or sell your unique Pelican Crest property, contact the seasoned real estate team at Sam Realty to cover all the key elements that make up the right deal just for you.

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    Pelican Crest Homes for Sale - Pelican Crest Homes for Sale

    Pelican Crest homes for sale are rarely available, especially now that we’ve entered the seller’s market era across the country. In this time, it helps to turn to Sam Realty. Their team understands the Pelican Crest market and the incredible value that each homes provides. While the private enclave offers unique luxury estates, it also provides a discreet community with a populous that includes top business leaders, wealthy families and noted leaders. With that wide variety of high culture in mind, the Sam Realty team can help to exactly what you need.

    Pelican Crest Homes for Sale 2 - Pelican Crest Homes for SaleExactly what kind of Pelican Crest homes for sale are you looking for? That’s a big question that often times requires several answers to sum up the state of this unique and wealthy neighborhood. Do you want a large home? Then, you’re looking at the right market. Many of the tasteful and luxurious custom mansions in Pelican Crest are made with pride and care to satisfy even the most demanding homeowners. Do you want a view? You’ll get one of the best that faces the beauty and majesty of the great Pacific.

    Why should I choose Pelican Crest?

    All of southern California is ideal for enjoying outdoor activities year round, and Pelican Crest is no exception. The area combines luxurious real estate and living options with close beaches, hiking trails, and other great enjoyments of the Mediterranean climate. Nearby beaches include Newport Municipal Beach and Corona del Mar. You can choose to surf on Balboa Island or choose to enjoy the beautiful scenery instead. There’s also no shortage of swimming options or boating docks, making Pelican Crest a great choice for anyone looking for a luxury home in a beautiful area. If you are looking for Pelican Crest homes for sale, you’ll find that the area lets you feel like you are on vacation all the time.

    If you are looking at Pelican Crest homes for sale, you might be wondering what the area has to offer outside of its views and options for outdoor activities. The area has no shortage of enjoyable choices for those who love shopping, nightlife, or eating a variety of cuisine.

    Located close to Pelican Crest are a number of cultural locations, like the Orange County Museum of Art and Newport Sports Museum, both of which provide regular special events and tours. Also nearby is Fashion Island, a place where department stores and luxury boutiques combine to offer an enjoyable shopping experience. The nightlife in the area offers unique choices like beach style hot spots.

    For families looking in the area, Pelican Crest offers close proximity to top schools in the state, including primary schools, public schools, private schools, and universities.

    Why should I choose Sam Realty Group?

    If you are searching for Pelican Crest homes for sale, it is wise to utilize a real estate team that has experience in the area. The professionals at Sam Realty Group have been working in the Orange County area for years. The combined experience, especially Sam Ali’s experience in the technology field, helps to ensure that clients reap the benefits of the team’s knowledge of the industry, market trends, and more.

    By choosing Sam Realty Group, you are combining the experience of a sprawling real estate firm with the personalized attention of a smaller company. We truly care about helping you find the best property for the best price. We take the time to find out your needs in a property, from number of bedrooms to extra amenities, and then we get to work finding the perfect next home for you and your family. When it comes to a big decision as important as purchasing a luxury property, it is important to have the right team on your side.

    Contact Sam Realty Group today to find out how we can help find you the perfect Pelican Crest property. Additionally, our team helps property owners to sell their homes and handles property management for landlords in the Orange County area.