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    Pelican Hill Real Estate

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    Pelican Hill real estate is amongst the very best available along the coastal area and adjoining hills of Newport Coast. Many residents and retirees have chosen this wondrous land of careful-planning-meets-tranquil-nature to live happily today and ever after. With prices that start in the six digits and can end in the high eight digits, everyone from vacation goers to billionaires in Pelican Hill share their love of the incredible weather, access to beach culture and glorious sights on all sides. To find out more about Pelican Hill real estate and the ensuing enjoyable local lifestyle, contact Sam Realty today.

    Pelican Hill Real Estate - Pelican Hill Real Estate

    If your interest is in selling Pelican Hill real estate, you’re in luck. The luxury properties of Pelican Hill are often in high demand, especially properties in the gated and secured Pelican Hill Communities and Pelican Crest, located right next to the Pelican Hill Resort and Spa. In addition to offering a highly sought after property that includes ocean and coastal views, along with close proximity to outdoor activities like hiking and sailing at beautiful locations such as Crystal Cove State Park, Pelican Hill also provides the benefit of being a part of Newport Beach. The city of Newport Beach offers plenty of dining, nightlife, and shopping, and also has a variety of private and public school choices for families. If you’re looking to sell a Pelican Hill property, you will benefit from the attention and skill that Sam Realty Group provides, such as dedicated and swift negotiation.

    Why Sam Realty?

    Finding the perfect luxury home realtor is extremely important if you are looking to buy or sell Pelican Hill real estate. In addition to staying by your side through every step of the search for real estate properties or property buyers, Sam Realty features highly trained and qualified agents that have experience in dealing with luxury homes in southern California. Our group is committed to putting clients first, and seeks to understand your needs in the current real estate market. We will be able to guide you through every step of buying or selling, all while maintaining a focus on your highest priorities when it comes to choosing a home, negotiating an offer, or any other step in the entire buying or selling process. You can trust Sam Realty Group to help you reach your real estate goals in the Pelican Hill area.

    Among the several qualities that home buyers look for in a real estate agent, knowledge of the area is a primary one – and for good reason. An agent or real estate firm that is familiar with the area allows them to better recognize what is available, when there is a good deal, and what the area has to offer in relation to scenery, weather, and nearby activities. Because Sam Realty is experienced in the Southern California area and is familiar with Pelican Hill real estate, we can help you get a feel for the area and give you a firsthand account of what living in the area will be like. Even with tools such as neighborhood review sites and weather tracking tools, there is no better explanation of the Southern California area than our experienced real estate firm.

    What does the home buying process entail?

    If you are looking to purchase Pelican Hill real estate, you can trust Sam Realty Group to offer all of the tools you need in order to find the right property and then complete the deal. Our team has vast industry knowledge and understands how the real estate market is trending over time, so we can make sure that you are getting the best possible deal. Once you let us know what you are looking for in a home, we can help you locate the right property. From there, the process can get difficult if you are working without the help of a real estate professional – from securing inspections to making deals and finalizing paperwork, the process of buying a house can be overwhelming. It can also be possible to overlook an important step or become so flustered that you end up settling for a house or a price that isn’t your best option. Sam Realty Group is here to help you navigate the challenging process and make sure that everything is taken care of.