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    Real Estate Agent in Irvine

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    Real Estate Agent in Irvine - Real Estate Agent in IrvineAs a top seasoned real estate agent in Irvine, Sam Ali of Sam Realty has been able to accommodate and make all of his loyal clients very happy to either buy or sell their Orange County residential or commercial properties. How does he go about doing this? With over 15 years of experience and excellent customer service, clients and their referrals that need a great real estate agent in Irvine always go to Sam Ali and his excellent team of professionals.

    Do you want to buy prime real estate in Irvine, California? Who wouldn’t? As one of the safest cities in the United States today, it beckons many of its would-be residents to “live, work and play” in a truly dynamic and beautiful setting. While other real estate brokers in Southern California can simply make a sale, the trusted team at Sam Realty Group understand your needs to find a community that means family and a place to truly call their home.

    Real estate in Irvine is as important as the lives that are led in this wholesome city. When picking out just the right piece of property, it is crucial to understand the vast variety of homes offered on the market today. One can find anything from sprawling estates for large families to modern condominiums for the bachelor. One of the wonderful things about Irvine is the greater sense of community that most of its residents will tell you make it special.

    According to a 2010 report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Irvine, California had the lowest crimes rate among U.S. cities with more than 100,000 residents. The city boasts good options for jobs, with a fast growing economy including businesses such as the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center and several options for film industry projects. Undergraduate schools in Irvine include the University of California, Irvine, Irvine Valley College, and Concordia University. The city is also home to campuses of the University of Southern California, California State University Fullerton, University of La Verne, and Pepperdine University.Real Estate Agent in Irvine 2 - Real Estate Agent in Irvine

    Irvine also includes more than 20 community parks, including Alton Athletic Park, Hicks Canyon Park, and Quail Hill Community Park, along with nearly 40 neighborhood parks, including Blue Gum Park, Orchard Park, Presley Park, and Silkwood Park.

    Another favorite of Irvine residents is the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a 300 acre wetland filled with native plants and birds.

    Irvine, California is one of Orange County’s most popular areas, and our real estate agent in Irvine will be happy to share the details of the area with you. It encompasses everything that could be desired by both shoppers and nature lovers, and all of the activities are enjoyed in the beautiful Southern California weather. The area is so well-known for shopping that visitors are often advised to make extra room in their travel bag for their purchases, and to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for hitting all of the shops. From Fashion Island to local and natural food markets, there are shopping and browsing options that fit anyone’s interests. Some nearby shops include the Hill at the University of California, Irvine and PGA Tour pro shop.

    Also nearby is the Pretend City Children’s Museum, which is perfect for kids, and variety of other museums and centers for adults. Additionally, Irvine boasts a large art centered culture, complete with galleries and playhouses scattered throughout the area.