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    Sam Realty’s Best Area Real Estate Picks

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    Sam Realty Group has sold over a quarter of a billion dollars of prime commercial real estate in the greater Orange County area over the last 15 years. As top producers in their field, they’ve covered extensive ground to strike the best deals for their clients, from Pelican Hill real estate to Shady Canyon Real estate. Here, Sam Realty reviews two of their clients’ favorite areas in Orange County.

    The Irvine, California real estate market is booming! As top real estate agents in Irvine, Sam Realty has seen the exponential growth of both commerce and the population at large, which nearly doubled in the last dozen years. There’s good news about Irvine. While there are more people who love the city living in town, there’s lots of opportunity to buy amazing homes or start a business in the area. Average home costs in Irvine approach $610K, which is more than twice the national average, though you get a lot of bang for your buck. Besides offering some of the most esteemed education centers, including USC and Pepperdine University, Irvine boasts one of the safest places to live in the U.S., according to the F.B.I. National news station CNN even declared it one of the overall better cities to live in because of its top job opportunities and other benefits. Homes in the area appreciate over 1% annually too!

    As a planned city, Irvine provides its residents with individual neighborhoods that spiral outward from town center. Each is architecturally distinct and provides a sense of accessible community. There are over three dozens such neighborhoods in the area. People from many backgrounds make their home in Irvine. From Ruby’s Diner to LA Fitness, many large corporations make their headquarters in Irvine, too, to enjoy the many benefits that its residents do.

    Another great Orange County real estate city that Sam Realty clients love is Laguna Beach. As a top Laguna Beach real estate agent, Sam Realty has been able to sell some of the best luxury homes on the market in the area. Laguna Beach is a quiet and picturesque coastal town just south of Huntington Beach. While an average home costs about $1.1M, it’s serene location, incredible views and relaxing pace of life are worth it. Many flock to Laguna Beach annually for their numerous art festivals that take place during the course of the year, including the Pageant of the Master and the Festival or Arts. These and other fine events – as well as the regular beach crowd – draw tourists into the town, which is a major moneymaker for the city. Many of the local residents are amongst the wealthiest in the U.S. Some are retired, while others run businesses locally. With a population of only 22,000, its easygoing manner and a gorgeous seascape, Laguna Beach is both a great place to buy or sell residential or commercial real estate in Orange County.

    To learn more about these prime cities and other great real estate hot spots in Orange County, contact Sam Realty today!