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    Sell Your Home

    Selling your home can create important change in your life. Let Sam Realty help you assess the right buyers and create the best deals for the sale of your property, whether you own Crystal Cove real estate, Shady Canyon real estate or other Orange County home properties. The Sam Realty team always negotiates shrewdly, acts swiftly and makes certain that the full value of your home is rendered in the sale. Look to the top Irvine California real estate team at Sam Realty to work for you and ensure the very best sales transaction possible in today’s reemerging housing market.

    Purchasing a Home

    At Sam Realty, we make purchasing a home easy by offering all of the essential tools for buyers to make the right real estate deal. Regardless if you are looking for a Newport Beach luxury real estate, a Pelican Hills estate investment property or want to retire into a new upgrade, Sam Realty is available for all of your needs. We’re here to provide a vast portfolio of services that benefit you. Feel free to look through our website to learn more about our seasoned real estate team, as well as a wide variety of properties located in the area of your interest.

    Property Management

    For clients who need to manage a large property or manage several different properties at once, look to Sam Realty to cover all that contemporary property management entails. As a top real estate agent in Irvine and the surrounding areas, Sam Realty is equipped to help clients to:

    • Procure new, qualified renters
    • Screen potential tenants for work, rental and credit backgrounds
    • Receive and process rental payments
    • Provide necessary property restoration and repairs
    • Issue regular rental invoices
    • Manage tenant concerns and issues
    • Work with property insurance carriers, as well as public municipalities
    • Process tenant evictions, attend legal proceedings and supervise move-out processes
    • Assist tenant moves from property and process security refunds
    • Prepare units for new tenants, including repair, housecleaning, etc.

    Featured Properties