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    Summer Moving Tips

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    Summer is a popular time to move, mostly because it’s when kids are between years at school. In fact, almost half of all moves in the country take place in the summer. This convenient time to move can actually make things more difficult without proper planning.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind for moving during the summer months:

    • Keep in mind that prices are higher for moving services during the busy summer season. If you must move in the summer and plan to use a moving service, look for coupons and book early.
    • If possible, schedule your move for a weekday instead of the weekend. This will make moving services more likely to be able to fit you in. Even though all of the summer is a busy time to move, the weekends are the busiest.
    • Note which items do not do well in the heat of a moving truck during the summer, especially if you are moving long distances. Candles, CDs, and videos can warm in the heat. Leather upholstered furniture that is wrapped in plastic can sweat in a hot truck.
    • Set aside your child’s school records and vaccination records. This will help you to get school enrollment squared away quickly, and prevent you from having to search through boxes for the files.
    • Remember to have plenty of water on hand for your family and for the movers if it is hot outside! Make sure air conditioning is set up on either end of the move.

    Of course, general moving tips still apply during the summer. Combine summer-specific tips with these tips for a seamless move:

    • Reinforce the bottoms of the boxes. Fill unused space with paper to prevent the contents from shifting.
    • Label each box thoroughly so you know exactly what’s inside and which room it goes into. Mark boxes that are fragile and secure them in place in a moving truck.
    • Keep necessities and valuables with you instead of in the trunk or back in the moving truck.
    • Disassemble the furniture that you can. Use blankets and bubble wrap to protect furniture. Wrap sharp corners.
    • If you still have original packaging for electronics, put it to use. It helps to protect each piece and the box is already labeled.
    • Have a box full of things you will need the first night there, like toiletries, toilet paper, paper plates, and phone chargers. Open this box first.

    If you have kids, arrange for childcare during the move if possible.